Pickers Club

The Pickers Club is a group for those who have “been there”, “done that” and “helped out”  along the way.

Over the last 30+ years there has been a range of family, friends, neighbours, and add to that people who just wanted to lend a hand, who have helped us over the years, be it planting vines through to picking grapes and everything in between without being paid.

For these efforts we are for ever grateful and you will enjoy the following benefits with no commitment to ongoing purchases;

  • Free to Join – Not really, you worked hard and we appreciate it.
  • A free bottle of each vintage of “Sam Who”, a wine dedicated to the legacy of those who have helped us along the way.
  • A rather long lunch, dinner, or atleast some sort of boozy event post your efforts at harvest time.
  • 20% off all “Cellar Door” or Online purchases
  • Discounted delivery Australia wide
  • 13th Bottle FREE with every dozen bottle purchase at the “Cellar Door”
  • First chance to attend Woodward’s Wines events
  • Join us at the winery for exclusive Pickers or Woodies tastings


The Pickers Club is an invitational only club. For those of you who lent a hand along the way your invitation will be sent out in due course.